2016 PRO-DAY Softball Powerade Grand Slam 12U-18U National Tournament & Showcase

June 1-12 , 2016 – Orange Beach, Alabama

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Who can attend?

Our  Softball Showcases is for players who graduate from 2015-2019.

The PRO-DAY Softball Camps & Skills Clinics is for players ages 8-18.

How many coaches and scouts will be available to watch this particular showcase/clinic?

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"All" PRO-DAY Events we have a 7-1 player/coach ratio.

Is there a benefit to attending more than one showcase/clinic for different exposure to coaches and scouts?

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Yes- different parts of the country, players will be seen from other college coaches and scouts.

Do you count players at their current or rising grade level over the summer?

What grade the player will be in during the fall is what she needs to register as.

Are parents permitted to watch?

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We encourage all parents, family members & friends to watch at our events. We have hitting, pitching and academic seminars we want all parents to attend.

Will you be discussing to the players what coaches are looking for in a player?

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Yes - We go over the makeup of what coaches look for & the type of player they want to represent their program. We also talk about academics & stress the importance of a player making good grades & benefits.

Will food and drinks be provided or for purchase for the players or do we need to provide for them?

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Lunch will be provided for "All" players at our events that last over 5 hours.

Do you require the player to provide the names of colleges before or after the showcase?

Once you begin your registration process - there will be a place for players to list three colleges where she would like her evaluations sent to. We encourage "All" players to list these colleges even if she doesn't know if that may be the college for her, she is at least getting her name out on the recruiting list to other colleges.

Can a player showcase more than one position?

Players will get to be evaluated in their primary and secondary position at our events. There will be a place once you begin your registration process to list your choices.


Coach-Santiago-3"I have had the chance to work with Jeff Gross and he definitely has his coaching philosophies together!!! Much of his ideas are implemented all over softball now days... It's a good thing that Coach Gross is venturing Pro-Day into SOFTBALL and it is a great experience camp for young ballplayers looking to play at a higher level. So if you are a serious player that loves to learn; just attend and allow Coach Gross as well as his staff to expose you to the finer points of the game. As a Collegiate Softball Coach it will be fun to watch PRO DAY SOFTBALL CAMPS develop reliable players!"

- Angel Santiago
Head Softball Coach
Nicholls State University



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