Coaches looking onIt's never too early to begin letting coaches know you are interested in their college or university.  The earliest that a coach would take someone seriously in when the athlete enters their freshman year in high school.  This is when you need to start marketing yourself with a short email or letter introducing you.

Now you have started the process of contacting the school by letting them know you are interested in playing for them.  In order to find a scholarship, you need to actively promote yourself to college coaches and update them throughout the recruiting process.  It is important to keep them informed throughout your high school career on a regular basis.  The best way to do this in the technology age, is through a personal profile.

If you don't let the coaches know who you are, they can't recruit you.  There is a myth out there that if you are good enough they will find you.  Well that might be true in professional sports, but we are trying to get into college first.  In any given year a college program will begin their recruiting efforts by evaluating hundreds of potential recruits.  Coaches won't be recruiting you or offering you a sports scholarship unless they know you exist.  It is your responsibility to get the coaches attention that you are interested in the beginning, by emailing them, calling them or promote yourself with an online website.  Our college athletic recruiting website is available for you to maximize your potential throughout the entire recruitment process.

Scholarships are available at all levels.  Don't just focus on NCAA Division I schools.  There are numerous scholarships available at the NCAA Division II and III, NAIA and NJCAA levels.  You contact more schools and expand your search, the better opportunity you will have to land that scholarship.

DSC_0337Find the right school for you because you will not only be playing on the sports team, but the majority of your time will be attending classes, working towards a major, sports is just a small part.  You need to be happy at the school, so please take this into consideration when you choose what's best for you.

Academics plays a huge role in deciding between two athletes who are equally talented.  Don't assume just because you meet the minimum requirements that the school will accept you.  Coaches are under a lot of pressure to keep the academic performance of their athletes up and many coaches are unwilling to take a risk with an athlete who isn't a good student.

Now is the time for you to decide to start getting your name out there to the coaches, if they aren't speaking to you, then you aren't being recruited.  Take control of yourself and get started now.  It's up to you.

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