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Travis Wood of Bryant, AR drafted 6th Overall by the Reds

Travis Wood of Bryant, AR was drafted in the 2nd Round in 2005 by the Cincinnati Reds.

Top Photo: Terrance Gore, a PRO-DAY All-American led Kansas City Royals to World Series in 2014.

Not only do players that go through our events achieve aspirations of playing at the college level, some have the abilities of playing/participating at the Major League level. Below is a list of a few of our players who have achieved this honor.

Bobby Bradley, 3-time PRO-DAY All-American & 2-time PowerAde Home Run Derby Champion was drafted in the 3rd Round by the Cleveland Indians in 2014.




Torre Langley Florida Marlins
Torii Hunter Los Angeles Angels
Dmitri Young Washington Nationals
Rigo Beltran Montreal Expos
Billy Sadler San Francisco Giants
Derell McCall Florida Marlins
Chad Blackwell Tornoto Blue Jays
Brandon Nall New York Mets
TJ Mathews Houston Astros
Doug Creek Detroit Tigers
Mike Jeffcoat Texas Rangers
John Barfield Texas Rangers
Dennis Lewallyn Chicago Cubs
Basil Shabazz St. Louis Cardinals
Paul Coleman St. Louis Cardinals
Brad Beanblossom St. Louis Cardinals
Paul Anderson St. Louis Cardinals
John Roberts San Diego Padres
Brooks Badeaux Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Jim Dwyer Texas Rangers
Fred Sampras Texas Rangers
Eric McCray Texas Rangers
Paul Ellis St. Louis Cardinals
Erik Thompson Texas Rangers
Karl Jernigan San Francisco Giants
Ralph Garr Atlanta Braves
Don Thomas Atlanta Braves
Rhett James Florida Marlins
Tim Land Montreal Expos
Rick Croushore St. Louis Cardinals
Joey Vallot Texas Rangers
Mike Rosamond Houston Astros
Wes Johnson Houston Astros
Squeaky Parker Cincinnati Reds
Willie Powell Atlanta Braves
Jerome Cochran Detroit Tigers
Jerry Flowers Cincinnati Reds
Paul Witt Florida Marlins
DJ Jones Tampa Bay Devil Rays
Matt Whiteside Texas Rangers
Carlos James Seattle Mariners
Bob Parsons Pittsburgh Pirates
Allen Swindle Cincinnati Reds
Bob Rossi New York Mets
Josh Dawson Pittsburgh Pirates
Michael Clements Boston Red Sox
Pete Young Montreal Expos
Ken Smith New York Yankees
Barry Short New York Mets
John Owens Pittsburgh Pirates
Kerrick Jackson Washington Nationals
Matthew Bacon New York Mets
Warren Hannah Chicago Cubs
Danny Watkins Boston Red Sox
Hugh Walker San Francisco Giants
Travis Wood Cincinnati Reds
Bubba Carpenter New York Yankees
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