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At PRO-DAY Baseball, we believe that there is always a place to play baseball at the next level. If you come to an event, we give you the opportunity to showcase your talents in front of the college coaches and pro scouts. Not only do you get to showcase yoDSC_0247ur skills, but you will learn first hand from the pro scouts and college coaches the finer points of the game. We believe in teaching and developing players to give them the best chance at earning an education at an university that fits their needs academically first and athletically second.

At PRO-DAY Baseball we focus on building the most complete student-athlete both on and off the field. At our events we, provide world class instruction, life changing experiences and new opportunities that springboard student-athletes to the right college fit.

We achieve these results through a specialized program that combines continued support and guidance before, during and after each event a player attends with PRO-DAY Baseball.

At PRO-DAY Baseball, the first step for a player is to be evaluated at an event.  Once an evaluation is completed, we then have the ability to place that player in the appropriate colleges/universities.

PRO-DAY BaBest of the Best Eventseball offers all players who attend our events a unique, hands-on system for to develop them to their fullest capability.  We have partnered up with an organization that specializes in academics process and knows college admission procedures, how to write winning letters and the ins and outs of college recruiting; to some of the most sought after baseball instructors in the world who know how to get the player to the next level on the field.



What is a typical schedule of events at a Regional Showcase?

Our Regional Showcases start at 9am and usually wrap up around 3pm. We have found this time-frame to be successful for players who have games in the evenings.

8:30am - Check-In
9:00am - Introductions
9:15am - Players Report to Rightfield to Stretch
9:45am - 60-yard dash
10:10am - Players Warm-Up
10:20am - Outfield Play
10:35am - Infield Play
11:00am - Catchers
11:15am - Pitchers
12:00pm - Lunch
12:30pm - Hitters
2:00pm - Hitting/Pitching Instruction and College Prep Talks
2:30pm - Closing Ceremony

**times are subject to change without notice**


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