DSC_0322For the past four decades, PRO-DAY Professional Baseball has been “Helping Players Advance to the Next Level”.

PRO-DAY Baseball conducts Regional, National & World Showcases across the United States to give high school players exposure from college coaches & professional scouts who are in attendance at every event to help them receive a potential scholarship to go off to college or get drafted professionally.

What makes PRO-DAY different than other events is that its’ staff “All” have been involved in professional baseball either as a player, coach or scout. All events are conducted by the professional staff and collegiate coaches.

Long-time Major League Scout Bill Earnhart, who has scouted in professional baseball for over 40-years & attends majority of the PRO-DAY Showcases said,” I don’t know what your experiences are from any other showcases – you will find PRO-DAY Baseball is different."

“PRO-DAY interacts with all its’ players to learn more about you,” said Earnhart, who was with the Arizona Diamondbacks when they won the World Series in 2001. “and they give you a feedback to make you a better player and send you evaluations off to college coaches and even professional scouts if you are a potential pro prospect."

“There is not much down time at their events. You will see that PRO-DAY is a very well oiled machine that does it like no other event out there. If you never been to PRO-DAY and want to have a chance to advance to the next level, then I encourage you to attend PRO-DAY Baseball.”

Jeff Gross, the Founder/CEO/President of PRO-DAY Baseball along with his late brother John started scouting with the Texas Rangers in 1989, the same year that future Hall-of-Famer Ken Griffey, Jr. made his major league debut with the Seattle Mariners.

“I remember watching Junior taking batting practice their in ole’ Arlington Stadium at the young age of 19-years old,” said Gross. “He was hitting bombs out in BP; we all knew he was going to be pretty good, since his father was a pretty good ball player himself. We talked before the game and I knew after speaking to him and watching that swing that he was going to be really special.”

The Gross Brothers would go on to scout with the Rangers for several years and later scout with the Chicago Cubs with coaching experience on the four-year and junior college levels. They also operated a Class “A” Minor League Baseball Club, where they won the Divisional Championship in its inaugural season.

DSC_0301PRO-DAY has sent many players into the major leagues, with hundreds & hundreds of players into Professional Baseball. What PRO-DAY is most proud of is the so many players that went on to receive college scholarships to play baseball and earn a degree.

PRO-DAY has helped players receive over $34.5 million in scholarships over the years and that much more in professional contracts.

Preston Gross, Vice-President of PRO-DAY, has been in baseball his entire life, and his role with PRO-DAY expanded even more after his father (John) passed away in March, 2012. He runs the website, promotes events and helps set up locations for events.

“I’ve known Jeff, John & Preston for many years. When I played Little League Baseball we were neighbors,” said Torii Hunter, of the Detroit Tigers, a 9-time Gold Glove Winner. “They would later scout me in high school and take me to tryout camps & hit fungos to me during the off-season early on in my minor league career."

“I know if you want to expand your knowledge in baseball and get the exposure that all players want, then you need to attend PRO-DAY Baseball,” said Hunter.

PRO-DAY Showcases are held in the Southeastern United States with the “Top Players” from the Regional Showcases being invited to the National or World Showcases. High School players have attended from across the United States and far away as Japan, Guam, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Mexico.

During the PRO-DAY Showcases, players go thru a Professional workout and will be evaluated by the PRO-DAY staff, professional scouts and college coaches in attendance. Player then have the opportunity to send their personal evaluation to colleges.

All players will hear lectures on hitting/pitching from some of the “Top” Instructors in the game along with college prep talks. At the National Showcases, players will play in games and be coached by college coaches and professional scouts.

Boston Red Sox Scout Danny Watkins said, “It’s great as a scout to go to PRO-DAY because they get all the information to the scouts and coaches that we need, which makes our job so much easier. The way they run their events and the opportunities these players get is remarkable."

“When they call me about a player, I definitely follow up on him, because of their creditability in the game for all these years,” said the former “Scout of the Year” & part of the 2007 World Championship Red Sox Club.”If high school players want to get your name out there then PRO-DAY is the place to get started.”


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